Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Pict

Rada norak sih tapi oke kan ?
Because this is the all crew from mad pirates ship
1. (My dad) Chimpanzee as the captain, bacause of his intelligence, so he can lead the ship and all of his crew so wisely.
2. (Me) Fox as the thief, because the man behind the fox faces are so expert in stealing women's heart haha
3. (My brothers) dogs as a dogs hahahahahaha, kidding bros. Dogs as the guardian, because of their loyals to their friend and their captain, and they are smart too.
4. (My Mom) lady as a mother, because every success man has a great lady beside him, And every single person need a lady, a mother to born them, even a great king or great president need a lady, a mother to born them. Damn its cool.

And that's it post for today, here are our pict today

Guardian and the thief
Captain and our lady

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