Friday, March 1, 2013

See what we get in this month !

 So far i'm verry hapy to be someone special in your heart, So many conversations that we make, many experience that we share together, so many joke that you made for me, and many many many love that you share to me when you hold my hand, touch my lips, and give your best hug ! :) so warm ({})
But, we know if "more and more far you sail the ocean, you will find more and more big wave, and big storm!" cool right ?, so that's why we must grown up, we must be strong ! more stronger, and more toughtful to be a captain of our ship, of our heart !
If we can do it together,  trust me we are ready to beat more wave, and ready to voyage to another ocean ! yaaarrr!!!

p.s : i'm so happy to be a part of  your life :) 

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